plain and simple.

Heading to Lolla this weekend. Fifth anniversary for me, and ninth for Pao! 
THIS makes us HAPPY :)) 

kale krazy.

Being that we have deemed June as Self-Improvement month, healthier eating has come to play. We've developed an addiction to kale, and I'm not mad about it.

Add tomato, avacado, corn, and peppers for a fiesta mix. Or white beans, quinoa, tomato, and chicken for an Italian one. Keep mixing it up and you won't get tired of it! 


Whitter came to visit!

To see the adorable Hannah May :)

And fam!!!

Goldie's 1st Birthday Party!

Mar-Mar came out too!

And we dance...per usual.

Chi-town MDW with my favorites!

Trolley day with Gram!
And the best family EVER!

A Gaslight stop for Leonard shots!

Vera :)

Rooftop Parties 
And kitchen dance parties. Amazing weekend!!


desert music love.

dizzy's desert debut!

day 1. lesss go!


mr. balloon hands.


group shot.

day 3 energy.

coachella 2013. snailed it!!!!

march madness.

march was a pretty crazy month, with lots of family and visitors! our parent's came the first weekend, our aunt's and uncle the 2nd, ash's high school friends the 3rd, athens to visit emmy the 4th, and ali to ring it in the 5th! killer time had on all weekends! check some highlights below.